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For families of individuals who have a mental illness and/or addiction or substance use issues.

Hope To Families in the North Okanagan

Located in Vernon, BC, the Mental Illness Family Support Centre (MIFSC) provides services to families of individuals who have a mental illness, addiction, or substance use issues.





Our staff and Board of Directors are experienced, knowledgeable and devoted. All services are FREE.


Our Partners

One-to-one support

Our service consists of one-to-one support meetings with our Centre Manager

All appointments are free

There's no charge to use our services

Flexible scheduling

Willing to navigate busy schedules to meet with families for custom advice and guidance


We offer one-to-one and several education programs for our clients.
Call us at 250-260-3233 or send us an email for details or to find out how our programs can help.

From Our Clients

“I started looking into support for myself around coping and supporting my daughter who was diagnosed with Bipolar I 6 years ago. My search for support led me to a Tuesday night support group and Jenn Millan. Jenn and MIFSC were my support along with family and friends. I’m not sure I could have accomplished as much as I did in obtaining the support for my daughter that I did without Jenn’s guidance. To have a resource like MIFSC available to support and help guide families is more valuable than I can articulate.”