Farm Friends Program

This program seeks to support families and individuals affected by mental illness and/or substance use issues in our community through small groups participating in gardening and interactive activities. (Those under 18 need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian)


This program runs from March to September each year.


Most gardening and programming is held at the community garden of Patchwork Farms located at Okanagan College on Tuesday mornings from 10am-12pm.  Throughout the season, there are community initiatives and involvement at various gardens and locations in Vernon.  The 2018 growing season saw Farm Friends help out The Upper Room Mission garden, The Caetani House gardens, Bishop Wild Bird Sanctuary and Kidston Elementary School garden. 

What Will Be Offered:

  • Weekly sessions with small groups of 6-8 participants
  • Gardening in dedicated raised beds and field garden plots
  • Educational gardening events and community activities

Program Aim:

This program’s aim is to become a place where families and individuals feel supported and connected to each other and the larger community of Patchwork Farms. The Farm Friends Program provides a safe, relaxed atmosphere for participants to come and develop skills, build relationships, and enjoy all the benefits that outdoor gardening has to offer.

For more information, contact the program coordinator at or the MIFSC Manager, at 250-260-3233.


Current and Previous Sponsors


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