Kids In Control

Kids in Control offers free education and support to children between the ages of 8 and 13 years of age who have a parent living with mental illness. The children meet for one and half hours once a week for eight consecutive weeks. Children who have a parent with a mental illness face a number of challenges, discomforts, responsibilities and fears. They experience many emotions and may deal with unpredictable behaviours or periods of separation from their ill parent.

The consequences can be:

  • Academic challenges
  • Difficulty in relationships
  • Confusion
  • Poor coping skills
  • Feeling isolated and alone
  • Reluctance to speak about their family situation because of the stigma attached to mental illness

By providing age appropriate information, dispelling myths and providing support, children gain valuable skills to help them reach their full potential.

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Using crafts, games and interactive learning activities, children learn about mental illness and join together in developing healthy attitudes and practicing healthy coping skills for dealing with the challenges they face.


  • Group Building and Storytelling
  • Group Building and Learning to Identify Feelings
  • Learning about Healthy Boundaries and How to Communicate Feelings
  • Learning About Mental Illness
  • Learning about the Treatment of Mental Illness
  • Developing Resiliency
  • Societal Attitudes and Stigma
  • Self-Care and Self Esteem

Past Participant Comments

“People here share things with each other without being scared.”
“It’s a fun group. You get lost of snacks. Don’t be scared if you’ve never been to a group before. It’s OK to try out new things. I learned new feeling words. The other kids were very nice to me. You can’t control mental illness. You can’t cause it. I can take care of myself.”
A Program of the BC Schizophrenia Society. Visit Kids in Control.

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